Become an Agent
If you’ve done your research and are determined to start your own website business, then before you invest a penny you must read this important message first…

What’s more, you’ll find out how to save time and money by minimising mistakes, build your business on solid foundations, and benefit from the knowledge and experience in sales, marketing, project management and website development of other businesses in the same field.

Whatever your current situation, working with Netflare as your resource partner, you’ll find out what the key factors are that will influence the success and the growth of your business, how to maximise on this knowledge and why your clients will continue to return to you for up-sell and cross-sell opportunities.

If you were to ask a successful businessman what three things above all others made their business a success, their most likely response would be enthusiasm, determination and the people around them. If your enthusiasm is strong enough, and your determination is immovable, then all you will need is the right people beside you to make your vision a reality.

With Netflare, what you’ll get is a true business partner ready and willing to commit to building a long term successful relationship. You’ll benefit from the freedom and scalability to develop your business in any direction you wish, and yet have full access to the guidance and leadership of Netflare.

As part of the sales and marketing process, you’ll get access to highly tuned and targeted template letters and leaflets, constantly being modified and improved, to make first contact with your prospects. By developing an ongoing relationship with your prospects, and discussing their needs aided by the Netflare sales process, you’ll benefit from a high conversion rate and give you the professional satisfaction that you are providing the most appropriate solution for your clients.

When the sale is agreed, you’ll be guided through the development process using the Netflare online project management tool. This will give you the professionalism expected by your clients.

You’ll get access to the required template documents to assist you and your client in collecting the necessary material in order to build the right website. You’ll get a Design Analysis Questionnaire to help the client decide on colours, styles, menus and layout. You’ll get a Marketing Analysis Document to help you and the client determine the purpose of the website and determine what content is required. You’ll get a Final Project Specification to help you collect all the content for the website and manage any variations to prevent project creep.

Retaining your customers and building your client relationships will ensure financial security, and benefit you with up-sell and cross-sell opportunities. With a strong marketing background, you’ll benefit by integrating your business into the marketing team of your client and become the first point of call for all their marketing requirements.

The Offer

Netflare are a national web design and marketing agency with our head office located in Cambridgeshire. We have summarised information relating to the return on your investment below.

What We Are Offering

  • Support with sales lead generation
  • Marketing support
  • Account management support
  • Sales & website training
  • Business support
  • Brand credibility
  • Business tools
  • Ten hours free telesales

The Benefits of Being an Agent

  • Autonomy
  • Freedom to own your own company
  • Grow your business how you want
  • An incentive based business
  • No royalties
  • Professional design resources
  • Proven business structure
  • Website development resources
  • Your Own Product Portfolio

Defined website packages

  • Deals for small to large companies
  • Professional search engine promotion
  • Latest web technologies (i.e. AJAX)
  • Full ecommerce suites
  • Websites for vertical markets
  • Online remote data backup
  • Databases, Intranets, CRM, Galleries

How much do I have to pay?

The agent joining fee is currently £6000 excluding VAT.

The Netflare package is a proven, working business model. We know that to make a business work you have to continue to cultivate it. This is why we work with our agents on a day to day basis, supporting them and their accounts. We offer continual training and marketing offers to help increase sales.

In today’s business environment, any mistake you make could easily become your last. Your competition will be utilising their best marketing practices and implementing the latest technology to stay ahead of the game. How would you feel without a marketing strategy and essential technology guidance? How do you know you’re doing the right thing?

Agent Joining Fee:
£6000 +VAT

If you’re looking to operate a website business effectively and profitably, working with Netflare as your resource partner will move your business into maturity faster and more profitably.

Jon Munro, Elfra Ltd, (Netflare Leeds)

“Operating a website sales and marketing business is the most challenging and yet fascinating thing I have ever done. There are so many issues to overcome in order to become a profitable business. With the support of Netflare, I can confidently manage my clients, knowing that I not only have available the best strategies in marketing, but access to a strong development team to provide me with cost effective solutions”

Further Information

Find out for yourself how you can maximise your business potential by calling 0800 107 4662 now and ask to speak to Jon Beal.