What We're Looking For
Why are you studying this website? Why are you avoiding the easy life? You could easily get a well paid job…

Is the challenge not enough? Do you really think you can be successful at selling websites?

If you’re ready for the challenge of running your own business, Netflare are looking for experienced business people to invest their time and money in a successful internet business.

Ideally, but not exclusively, we are looking to support the following types of companies and professionals:

  • Design Companies / Professionals
  • Marketing Companies / Professionals

Our search for compatible companies and professionals is not exclusive to these types of business. We are also looking for the following qualities:

  • Pro-active
  • Committed
  • Prepared to Invest
  • Business Acumen
  • Some Technical, Sales or Marketing Experience
  • Enthusiastic Approach

If you feel you fit some or all of these criteria and have what it takes to own a successful internet business then please call us now on 0800 1074662.

If you’re looking to operate a website business effectively and profitably, working with Netflare as your resource partner will move your business into maturity faster and more profitably.

Find out for yourself how you can maximise your business potential by calling 0800 107 4662 now and ask to speak to Jon Beal.