Customer Benefit Analysis
How to Determine the Most Desirable Benefits for your Customers...

The purpose of deriving customer benefits for your products and services is so that you can outline the delivery of results the customer wants that are specific to them.

Unless you have benefit-led information that is targeted to a specific customer type, you will be not be able to explain why you have the best choice and can provide all the reassurances they need to make a decision.

With targeted benefit orientated information, you will be able to educate your prospects and customers with your unique methods, processes, products or services, as they will see immediate value in discovering more. The result will be that your customers and prospects will become better educated and value the service your offer.

How to Convert Features into Benefits

Use the columns in the table below to outline the features and benefits of your products or service with each customer type.

Customer TypeProduct / ServiceFeaturesBenefitsChannel / Offer
  • Customer Type

    Indicate your category of customer

  • Product / Service

    Indicate the product or type of service you offer to this customer type.

  • Features

    Indicate the key facts about the product or service.

    • What are the important characteristics?
    • What resources are used to produce it?
    • Is location a factor?
    • Can you react to changing demands?
    • Is the product/service scalable?
  • Benefits

    Determine WHY the listed features are included in the product or service. Use the steps below to derive the relative benefits:

    • What problems does this feature solve?
    • What desires does thie feature fulfill?
    • What future disasters will it help avoid?
    • If this feature was not there what would I be missing?
    • What does this feature mean to the customer?
    • Can you enrich the benefit by including a scenario where the benefit is used?
    • How does your prospect feel when they are enjoying this benefit? Can you link it to an emotion?
  • Channel/Offer

    Indicate which marketing channels this could apply to, and what offer would be attractive to this customer type.

Learn how to use the features and benefits of your products and services to emotionally connect with your prospects and explain WHY you have the answers they are looking for.

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