Memory Techniques
The Duck-Gang Memory Palace Breakout Attempt

You're just a simple courier and have been asked to pick up a package from the vets...

Choose a Trust Layer

This is an unusual vets: it has 5 underground floors.

As you walk in through the door, you see a sign:

  1. Tigers. Sharp teeth - be careful!
  2. Rhinos. Poor eyesight - make obvious moves!
  3. Unicorns. Quite rare but friendly.
  4. Sharks. Masters of their environment.
  5. Turtles. Very old and solid as a rock.

Choose the Product / Service you are Demonstrating

So you ask at reception which level you need to go to to pick up the PACKAGE.

Choose the Quality Issue

When you get the package, you need to make sure it is wrapped in QUALITY wrapping paper.

Determine the Message

As you wrap it, you notice a yellow post-it note stuck to the side with the MESSAGE:

Decide on the Intentions

You have no idea what this message means, but wonder WHAT YOU WOULD BE ABLE TO DO ONCE YOU UNDERSTOOD IT.

You need to take the package to the sorting office. To get there, you have a choice of vehicle:

  • A brand new purple shiny van - looking a bit like a QUALITY street tin.
  • A train with huge QUANTITY of carriages.
  • A road oil tanker (see the RELEVANCE to the message?).
  • A glass container truck so the package could CLEARLY be seen.

Set the Environment / Story / Scenario

Next you decide the route of your journey...

Do you go on the motorway for the quickest route?

Or perhap you want a change in ENVIRONMENT and choose a picturesque route through the local villages.

Choose the Question Zone

When you arrive at the sorting office, there are 5 parking bays:

  • The first bay has a large can of SOLVEnt in the way.
  • The second bay has 2 smartly dressed gentlemen asking for WORK.
  • The third bay is a car wash machine - that would be a great BENEFIT TO YOU.
  • The fourth bay is so large you can CHOOSE how to park - sideways or diagonally.
  • The fifth bay has a large white arrow painted on the ground showing where to go NEXT.

What Information Builds Your Trust and Status?

The sorting office has a 2-stage process called TRUST and STATUS.

At the TRUST sorting stage, you have a choice:

  • Do you have the CONFIDENCE to put the package on the conveyor belt to be sorted by a large complex sorting machine?
  • Or perhaps you should RELY on the old man who's been working here for the past 40 years to deal with it.
  • Or if its urgent and you are DESPERATE, you could drop it down the fast-track emergency chute.

Unfortunately your package is caught in the spot-check STATUS stage.

The package is examined. Inside they find hundreds of CULTURE Club CD's addressed to REPUTABLE famous animals.

They analyse the handwriting and notice PASSIONate swirls, love-hearts and kisses. Some have 'TOP SECRET' stamped on them, making their MOTIVES clear.

Checking the postage fee, they notice that only 2p stamps have been used. This puts their SYSTEMS AND PROCESSES to test.

They also notice that some of the CD's are wrapped in the most STYLISH paper ever seen.

Emphasising the Inferred Meaning

Wondering what the secret is, they play the Karma Cameleon track on the CD. To their astonishment, when played backwards it says "NO OILY MAC AMAC AMAC AMAC..." and discover the INFERRED MEANING: 'NO OILY MACS FOR THE DUCKS". They realise this is the long awaited sign for the jail break attempt for the infamous Duck-Gang, currently held in The Memory Palace Jail for life.

Deliver the Information

With this revelation, the authorities are notified. This information must be transmitted to the 7 major TV stations:

  1. "HEADLINE News"
  2. "PROMISE Channel"
  3. "BENEFITS 123"
  4. "PROOF now"
  6. "SUMMARY +1"
  7. "CALL-TO-ACTION 0800"


The 'Memory Palace', or 'Method of Loci' is a technique for memorizing many things. This was introduced to me by Chris Thomas of Milton Contact to help Jumpsite clients memorize the essential aspects of writing Power Articles for the Web.

Call to Action

Read the story and repeat it to yourself twice. The emboldened sections are the hidden keys to remember the elements of the Power Article you intend to write.

Once mastered, you will find writing articles easier and be able to ensure all the messages are included to make a coherent and interesting article.