Our No Risk Policy
Announcing the Netflare No Risk Policy: Now you can confidently ask for the website you really wanted...

At Netflare we believe you shouldn’t have to take the risk of funding the development of your website when you have no indication of what you’re getting. That’s why with Netflare you don’t pay for any stage of the design until you’re completely satisfied. And even then, at any time during the development of your website, if we can’t deliver to your requirements, we won’t charge you a penny.

What’s more, if your website doesn’t generate more business within the first 12 months, Netflare will refund the full web design fee.

Here’s how the Netflare No Risk Policy works…

Stage 1: 10% fully refundable deposit

Once you’ve agreed in principle to the initial quotation, you pay a 10% deposit as an indication of commitment to the development of your website. If, at any time you wish to withdraw from your agreement, the deposit will be fully refunded. Netflare treat this stage as the green flag to commence the design of your website. The design analysis and marketing analysis will now be performed to create the foundations of your website.

Stage 2: 15% on delivery of the concept design and style guide

Using the design analysis performed in stage 1, a concept design will be created by our graphic designers. All aspects and features of the design will be represented in the style guide. This will outline the colours, fonts, navigation style and general layout of your website.

Only until you are completely happy with the concept design do you pay for this stage.

Stage 3: 25% on delivery of the working template and the Final Project Specification

Once we have an agreed concept design and style guide, the developers can then proceed to create a working template. This means that the graphic image will be represented as a working website where the features indicated in the style guide will be implemented.

Also at this stage, all the agreed content will be collected and arranged within the Final Project Specification. This document is then used as the reference point for all further instructions and is kept up to date with any variations that occur during development.

Managing the project in terms of deliverables, project creep, contingencies and provisionals, is performed using written instructions and variation orders. Each variation order is treated using the same no risk policy: depending on the extent of the variation, you only pay when the work is completed and to a satisfactory fashion.

During development, we will accept any instructions to change or modify the design. These instructions will be accompanied by an agreed variation order.

Once again, only when you are completely happy with the working template and the Final Project Specification do you pay for this stage.

Stage 4: 25% on go-live

At this stage the website is working on our development server with all supplied content added. The website is tested and snagged by our development manager before final approval by you. Only when you are completely happy with the completed website do you pay for this stage.

Stage 5: 25% final payment after 30 days

The final 25% is held back by you until you are completely satisfied that all aspects of the website are functional and it meets the agreed requirements by performing as a business tool. In a business relationship where the customer takes most of the risk, design decisions can be influenced by poor visibility and financial anxiety. If your website turns out to be something quite different to what you expected, then the options are to scrap it and start again, or tweak and modify until the desired result is achieved. Both options will increase the final cost of the website. How would you want to control the development of your website?

By taking the risk out of paying for your website, you’ll get complete control over the design. If you’re looking to promote your business effectively onto the internet arena then you need a professional e-business and web design partner capable of taking all the development risks and deliver to your requirements.

Find out for yourself how you can confidently get the website you want and maximise your business potential by calling 0800 107 4662 now and ask for an appointment. Alternatively, complete the enquiry form and we’ll make arrangements to contact you at a convenient time for you.