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Netflare have teamed up with Carbonite to provide an unbeatable combination: unlimited backup with Carbonite, and Netflare support for any backup or recovery assistance.

Data is your most valuable asset, yet backup is often seen as a time-consuming and inconvenient chore. Most individuals and companies have an inconsistent and piecemeal process using tape devices, disks or manual routines, with data often held onsite within insecure locations.

Dataflare offers a fully automated online backup service that holds your data securely offsite. Online data storage of encrypted information provides a safe, reliable and cost effective alternative to traditional backup and data storage services.

Our service encrypts your data and then sends it over your internet connection to one of the most secure data centres in Europe. The advantage to online backup is that in the event of data loss files can be restored directly online via a quick and user-friendly interface.

Unlimited data backup storage with telephone support: 1 credit per month

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