Basic Hosting Explained
The Best in Quality of Service for a Web Server...

Netflare provides you with a high quality web server.

Netflare have chosen Rackspace for hosting services as they offer unrivalled mission critical managed hosting with award winning support. The quality of service depends on two parameters. These are network-transfer speed and server-response time. Network-transfer speed is primarily a matter of your Internet-link bandwidth while server-response time depends upon resources. A fast CPU (especially for CGI programs), lots of RAM (especially for parallel-running HTTP daemon processes), and good I/O performance (especially for disk and network traffic) can make all the difference.

The Netflare servers contain 2.8GHz processors with 1GigaByte of RAM on a LAMP (Linux, Apache, MySQL, PHP) configuration. This means your website will be hosted on a high availability server with minimal downtime.

Netflare provides you with 1 GigaByte of server space, unlimited mailboxes and unlimited databases.

If you require more server space, you can upgrade at any time.

Netflare provides you with up to 5 GigaBytes of monthly data bandwidth.

If you require more bandwidth, you can upgrade at any time.

Netflare uses Rackspace Managed Backup services.

This service performs nightly differential backups of all Netflare servers. With this service, any information held on the servers within the last 30 days can be recovered, usually within 4 hours.

Netflare automatically renew your domain names (0.25 credits for additional domains).

Once you have registered your domain with Netflare, you don’t have to worry about renewal fees again. As part of basic hosting service, Netflare will automatically renew your domain until you wish to cancel or transfer.

Netflare provides you with basic email support.

Netflare will set-up and configure mailboxes for your domain and provide troubleshooting assisting when any email problems occur.


Netflare fees are based on a credit system. (See ‘Netflare Credits Explained’ for details)

1 Credit is charged for basic hosting

(1GigaByte of server space, up to 5 GigaBytes of monthly data bandwidth)

An additional 1 Credit is charged for each additional 1 Gigabyte of server space.

An additional 1 Credit is charged for each additional 5 GigaBytes of Monthly Bandwidth.

Your website will be hosted on tried, tested and dependable hosting technologies such as Linux, Apache and MySQL, with outstanding performance and security features, on Rackspace servers. Rackspace is a world renowned hosting company who passionately support Netflare in providing hosting packages.

Find out more about how your website will be supported and maintained. Call 0800 107 4662 and ask to speak to an advisor.