Apparency offers fast-track business development services to Netflare customers that want to maximize their business through knowledge management and harnessing intellectual capital

What is Business Knowledge?

It is the information and use of information that is fundamental to the key decisions made within your organisation.

What is Knowledge Management?

It is how this information is looked after and nurtured within your organisation in order that the correct decisions can be made.

What are the consequences of failing to manage this knowledge?

The ultimate capacity and capability of your organisation is determined by the effective utilisation of your knowledge management.

Without effective knowledge management, your organisation risks either stagnation or exponential costs in attempts to grow with your existing structures.

Your business will be offered structured programmes to build business strategies based on improving the accessibility of your business information using online applications.

Netflare use the following Open source Solutions that can be added to your intranet:

  • sugarCRM is a powerful online customer relationship management (CRM) application to enhance your marketing processes and drive sales performance. All your customer data can be stored in one place and used to manage the relationship between you and your customers.
  • KnowledgeTree is a powerful Document Management System (DMS) with built on workflow management. All your documents can be managed in one place with complete version control. You can control who has access, who can edit and who can publish each document.
  • dotProject is a mature online project management tool that can manage the most complex projects. Combined with helpdesk, you can also incorporate a powerful ticketing system to track customer issues, associate them with the correct projects and assign work to your developers to track progress and manage the time taken to complete work.

To support and manage the operation of Apparency, there will be credit based management services where you agree on an amount of business development assistance to be provided each month.

If you want to build your intranet on solid foundations and actually deliver results, then only by implementing these powerful Apparency Business Development strategies will your business reach its true capacity.

Find out for yourself how you can maximise your business potential by calling 0800 107 4662 now and ask for an appointment. Alternatively, complete the enquiry form and we’ll make arrangements to contact you at a convenient time for you.