Why Choose Netflare
Integrity: Proven results in internet marketing, excellence in design, thoroughness in project management through a consistent framework of principles

Marketing communications designed for small businesses to maximise business potential faster on the internet...

With Netflare's unique Jumpsite Marketing Programmes, you’ll find out how to get your marketing communications organised, bringing clarity to your existing strategies, maximise your potential by building a coherent internet marketing strategy and develop a professional website designed with a purpose.

Jumpsite Marketing is unique to Netflare. Jumpsite is at the core of all Netflare solutions and ensures a Marketing experience that you cannot have with any other design agency. Jumpsite provides a unique marketing perspective by applying knowledge management principles, such as Information Architecture, Relevance Theory and Influence Analysis to marketing.

For small businesses working with Netflare as your internet marketing partner, you’ll get access to not just a portfolio of powerful tools for web design such as drag and drop shopping basket e-commerce technology, webstats, email marketing , rss newsfeeds, as well as intranet / extranet capabilities, but the knowledge and expertise to put it all together.

Whether your purpose is internet marketing, branding, credibility, visibility, commerce, communication, or customer service, here’s how you can build a powerful e-business strategy...

By analysing your existing customer base, you’ll increase the efficiency of your internet marketing by tailoring it towards your top 5 customer types. By knowing where your business comes from, you’ll create effective localised campaigns tuned to their requirements. And you can measure the success of all your internet marketing communications by creating landing pages – a page setup for a specific campaign. Your performance can then be tracked with a powerful web-stats package that generates reports on number of unique visitors, individual page visits, visit duration etc.

In today’s business environment, small businesses without an e-business strategy will be losing not only growth opportunities, but critical time in the race to beat competition.

Jumpsite Marketing is at the core of all Netflare solutions. Jumspite Marketing ensures a marketing experience that you cannot have with any other design agency.

If you are considering investing in a lead generation website, Netflare should be the only consideration. With Netflare's experience, Jumpsite Marketing will demystify all of the fears associated with internet marketing.

John Morley, Shelford Design Ltd. (www.tuskstore.com)

“We have worked with Netflare for over 12 months now. They redesigned our old site, added secure ecommerce capability, news, and more importantly, improved our visibility to such an extent that we have had over 600 unique visitors in 1 day, and averaged over 10,000 visitors in a month. Compared to this time last year, our business has increased by over 80% and our markets are opening to larger customers with larger orders. We look forward to working with Netflare to tailor your marketing communications to maximize on these new markets.”

Paul Barnes, Pilling Motor Group (www.pillingmotorgroup.com)

“ At last, we finally feel we have a coherent marketing strategy! Before Netflare redesigned our site, it was a collection of pages linking to each branded franchise site. It was impossible to navigate and we had no idea how effective it was. With our new site, we have a marketing platform for all our car showrooms. We can promote and highlight offers at any moment and monitor their success with the web stats. I am amazed at the confidence the car showrooms are showing in utilizing this marketing tool to its full potential.”

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