Working With Netflare
How to get the most out of your website, target the right customers and get more sales by improving your marketing strategies...

Thank you for considering Netflare for this opportunity to assist your organisation with web design and marketing support.

Working with Netflare, we build upon the concept of your website becoming your central hub for all your marketing strategies.

Having an external resource to help manage the development of a marketing plan for your website will give you the ability to freely express your marketing requirements. What’s more you’ll get a third party perspective to cut through the language and terminology used in your business that may be restricting your marketing freedom.

Your website is the window to your business. If your prospects fail to see how your products and services will benefit them, you’ll be losing potential business. In today’s business environment, without an e-business strategy you will be losing not only growth opportunities, but critical time in the race to beat your competition. Your competitors will no doubt already have a website and a marketing strategy, how would you feel without one?

If you’re serious about making your website work as a marketing tool, then here’s what we recommend...

You’ll get a fresh look to your site, tuned towards your top 5 customer types looking for your kind of business. By using strong marketing messages, you’ll get the right enquiries attracted by your best qualities, and filter out the poor quality leads. By focusing on case studies that directly link your services to client testimonials, you’ll get a powerful marketing tool to present to your prospects.

You’ll get a powerful scalable website that’s easy to modify and even add your own content if you desire. To ensure the look and feel of your website remains consistent, you’ll get a Style Guide document that specifies colours, fonts, layout rules and navigation guidelines. You’ll also get the ability to add slideshows, news and events, and an e-newsletter mailer facility.

Being found on the search engines is an essential part of having a web presence. The key to successful search engine optimisation is in writing good content. This must be targeted towards your ideal customer, making sure that the keywords and phrases that they might use to find you are highly relevant within the content.

During development of your website, you’ll get a Marketing Analysis document and a Final Project Specification document to ensure all your requirements are met. All progress will be monitored by our online project management system, which you’ll get access to if you desire.

With our credit based maintenance plans, we can be as flexible as you need and only perform the work that is required. Each month you’ll get an agreed number of credits added to your balance. By building up your credits, you can cash them in for our services and expertise at any time – what you don’t use is simply carried over to the next month.

By using Netflare support, combined with our project management system, your maintenance and update requests will be implemented quickly and efficiently, making life easier for your marketing team to track and ensure all your change requests are performed to your liking. As part of the maintenance plan, you’ll get hands on marketing advice to reach the right customers. To measure your marketing, you’ll get access to your website statistics which will tell you the success of all your web-based marketing campaigns, and tell you how effective your website is in driving business to your door.

If you’re looking to promote your business effectively onto the internet arena then you need a professional e-business and web design partner to help you integrate and enhance your existing marketing strategies with experience and expertise to deliver the right solutions at the right time.

Find out for yourself how you can maximise your business potential by calling 0800 107 4662 now and ask for an appointment. Alternatively, complete the enquiry form and we’ll make arrangements to contact you at a convenient time for you.