Harmonising Your Marketing
Discover how to harmonise your marketing communications with the latest innovations in internet technology in your business…

Can you see a clear divide in your business between how your traditional sales and marketing works and how your website works?

Do you feel that your experience in sales and marketing could be used more effectively on your website?

Marketing harmonisation is all about closing the gap between traditional marketing and the Internet.

With marketing harmonisation, you’ll get solid foundations to build your marketing communications that will not only support your traditional marketing activities such as telemarketing, flyers, advertisements and editorials, but also enable you to achieve sustainable growth from the Internet.

Here’s how Netflare can harmonise your marketing communications…

  1. Know the purpose of the website and when the objectives need to be fulfilled.

    If you know what you want to achieve with your website, then you can start working on determining your target audience. By being selective with the type of customer you are looking for, you will then be able to provide more appropriate information geared to their requirements.

    This will make it easier to generate coherent marketing campaigns that are highly targeted and much more likely to produce results.

  2. Discover your core values within your business. Recognise where you thrive and excel.

    By synchronising the value and results you give to your customers with your passion to perform to the best of your abilities, you will be able to differentiate yourself from your competitors. This will not only excite your customers, but give you the pleasure and satisfaction you seek in delivering highly valued work.

    Using this differentiation as a springboard to launch your marketing, you will be able to write about your products and services from the heart and give your marketing material meaning.

  3. Nurture your existing customers. Build long lasting relationships.

    By building layers of trust between you and your customers, you can build a product portfolio to suit the situation and the relationship with your customers. As your customers begin to trust you more, you can make more available to them in terms of delivering higher value products and services.

  4. Make it easy to become a customer.

    With your business orientated around keeping your existing customers happy and therefore longer, the profit on the first sale will be less important compared to the lifetime value of each customer. This will allow you to make it easy to become a customer by creating irresistible offers with incredible value for first purchases.

    Using irresistible offers will turn your website into a highly efficient lead generation tool as no other marketing channel can offer 24/7 visibility, provide appropriate and selective information for your prospects and collect their contact deals ready for you to follow-up and convert to sales.

  5. Use your website as your marketing hub.

    Traditional marketing through print and telemarketing, by its very nature, is difficult to follow up any interest without investing heavily in supporting your campaigns.

    By linking your traditional marketing with your website, you can provide the required marketing support on your website. By providing relevant information to your target audience and collecting the leads generated, you can nurture these prospects with valuable auto-responder emails that help to keep them informed about how you can solve their problems.

  6. Write with relevance and get found on the search engines.

    Getting the desired visibility on the internet may require a large investment in sponsored links and adwords if you are not found through the natural listings on the search engines.

    Before you decide to invest in online advertising, there are two issues with driving traffic to your website you need to consider.

    The first issue is whether you are confident that your website will generate the leads even if you did get plenty of visitors.

    The second issue is whether the return on investment from the conversions made from the generated leads is greater than the investment in getting the visibility in the first place.

    If you build your website based on becoming the expert, you can provide relevant information that is of great value to your visitors. The more relevant information you provide on your website, the more likely the search engines will find you first. If you are aware of the search terms that your prospects use to find your business, then you can make sure that the information you provide is written to be as relevant as possible to these queries.

  7. Measure everything.

    Measuring the success of traditional marketing is extremely difficult. Successful campaigns require vigilant tracking methods such as using coupons, offer codes and special telephone numbers.

    On the Internet, the success of your website is completely and naturally traceable. Not only is every page and image access recorded in a log file, but you can even add tags to the web pages for special web analytics servers to monitor the visitor behaviour on your website.

Internet marketing is maturing. If your sales and marketing team only deals with print and telemarketing, and your IT team deals with your website, then harmonisation of the two will remain unlikely. The sooner you use your website as your marketing hub, the sooner you will benefit from the exponential growth possible from the internet.

Netflare promises to enhance your existing marketing channels by combining them with the secrets of successful internet marketing communications to create an online business tool that delivers results.

Find out for yourself how you can maximise your business potential by incorporating Netflare Marketing Support. Call 0800 107 4662 and ask to speak to an advisor.