Marketing Plan
How to Write Your Marketing Plan...

Your Marketing Plan will outline how you plan to meet your business objectives and when you will deliver the results.

Your Objectives

In the Strategy Overview, you will have outlined the major targets for each strategy. This section will describe these targets or objectives in more detail.


Describe each of the results you are looking to achieve in detail. Use SMART (specific , measurable, agreed, realistic, timeframe) attributes to ensure that the results are realistic and achievable.

Use the table format below to list your objectives:

Specific ResultMeasureTime-frame
Result 1Measure 1Time-frame 1


Specify which marketing channels you will be using (website, advertising, PR, etc).

For each channel, outline your plan as a series of campaigns.


Estimate monthly costs for each marketing channel and potential return on investment.

The main points to include are:
  • Your business objectives
  • SMART results
  • The chosen marketing channels
  • The estimated costings

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