Creating a Schedule
How to Develop a Schedule to Achieve Your Targets Set in Your Marketing Strategy Document...

Your schedule, whether a separate document or at the back of your Marketing Strategy Document, should outline all the activities undertaken as part of the marketing plan.

This should include a general milestone chart to log major achievements, your key performance indicators and a list of all your campaigns.


From your marketing plan and sales plan, create a list of milestones you expect to achieve. Use the table format below:


This milestone table should be updated regularly to reflect actual events. Any slippage should noted and appropriate actions taken to recover time.

Key Performance Indicators

For each quality issue derived from your customer analysis, create a table as below for each performance indicator. Take regular measurements and note the change in performance. Document any actions taken to influence the measurement results.

Quality IssuePerformance Indicator
Week No.Measurement% changeAction Taken


For each campaign, create a table to include all the activities and associated action dates that need to be completed.

For each action, there is a 'prepared', 'submitted' and 'distributed' column. Insert the date here whenever these parts of the action have been performed.

The results should be apparent when measuring the key performance indicators.

CampaignWeek No.Completed

The information obtained from the schedule will be used to generate weekly or monthly reports. These reports will assist in making business decisions as to whether the marketing plan needs to be adjusted.

Create a milestone table to track your business objectives.

Monitor your KPI's by measuring regularly and taking appropriate and timely action where necessary.

Plan your campaigns by listing all the actions required and add the date when certain stages of the action have been carried out.

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