Market Research
How to Write your Market Research Section of Your Marketing Strategy Document...

If you have evidence to justify your marketing strategies, outline the research and findings here.

There are various market research techniques. Usually, to assist with your marketing strategy, one or more of the following techniques are used:

  • Market Research
    • Qualitative Market Research

      Qualitative market research is performed on a small number of respondents. Its purpose is to define a problem, generate a hypothesis or assist in the design of further, quantitative, research. This technique is normally implemented by in-depth and flexible interviews.

    • Quantitative Market Research

      Quantitative market research is performed on a large number of respondents. Its purpose is uncover the needs of the target customer type using statistical indicators in the findings. The research is normally carried out by completing a survey using a predefined questionnaire.

    • Test Market Research

      Test market research is performed on a specific demographic group to gauge viability of a product or service prior to a larger roll-out. This is normally performed by reproducing everything - advertising, distribution and delivery - to the target demographic group.

  • Research Findings

    Depending on the type of research carried out, report your findings here. Where appropriate, publish interesting statistics and insights into the motivations behind the marketplace.

  • Conclusions

    Use the research findings to draw conclusions. Put forward recommendations and suggest solutions.

    The conclusions drawn from the research should be used to substantiate your argument behind the purpose of your marketing strategy.

The main points to include are:
  • Research undertaken
  • Research findings
  • Conclusions

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