Products and Services
How to Describe Your Products and Services in your Marketing Strategy Document...

The products and services you offer should reflect the business objectives in your mission statement and the values in your vision statement.

Features and Benefits

For each product and service, create a table as below to outline the features, benefits and market chanels.


To assist in converting your features into benefits, please visit the Benefit Analysis page.

  • Customer Type

    Indicate your category of customer

  • Features

    Indicate the key facts about the product or service.

    • What are the important characteristics?
    • What resources are used to produce it?
    • Is location a factor?
    • Can you react to changing demands?
    • Is the product/service scalable?
  • Benefits

    Determine WHY the listed features are included in the product or service. Use the steps below to derive the relative benefits:

    • What problems does this feature solve?
    • What desires does thie feature fulfill?
    • What future disasters will it help avoid?
    • If this feature was not there what would I be missing?
    • What does this feature mean to the customer?
    • Can you enrich the benefit by including a scenario where the benefit is used?
    • How does your prospect feel when they are enjoying this benefit? Can you link it to an emotion?
  • Channel

    Indicate the marketing channels you plan to use.

Systems and Processes

Outline your delivery process of your product or service.

State how you give/share/serve by packaging the product or service. Describe what documentation you provide, such as welcome packs, to introduce your produce or service to the customer.


Outline what product/service support mechanisms you have in place to assist your customers.

Describe what cover options and levels of service you provide.

The main points to include are:
  • Product / Service features and benefits
  • Systems and Processes
  • Delivery
  • Support

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