Strategy Overview
How to Write your Strategy Overview to include your Purpose, Targets and Business Objectives...

The Strategy Overview should align your strategy with your business objectives. The intention behind the strategy overview is to highlight the gap between current performance and desired performance.

Imagine that the strategy is your map of the territory you want to cross, the target is the destination, and the route is the plan you intend to use. Using this analogy, your strategy and target remains consistent, but the plan may change many times.

Here are the main points your strategy overview should cover:

  • Purpose

    Assuming you are planning for business growth, the purpose of your strategy will be one or more of the following:

    • Visibility and market penetration for new products / services.
    • Lead generation for new business.
    • Customer nurturing for business growth.

    Most businesses label their strategies with a name or slogan. Decide on suitable names for your strategies. You can define each strategy in turn and refer to it throughout your marketing strategy document.

  • Activities of the Business

    Describe the business arena, the current and up-and-coming trends, and the activities of your business.

    For each activity, describe what it is you do. Include how relevant each activity is to each strategy and state the specific goals you have set.

  • Reason for Preparing a Marketing Strategy

    Perform a SWOT (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, Threats) Analysis on your business by creating a table as below:

    • For strengths, specify your internal attributes that are helpful to achieving your objectives.
    • For weaknesses, specify your internal attributes that are harmful to achieving your objectives.
    • For opportunities, specify the external conditions that are helpful to achieving your objectives.
    • For threats, specify the external conditions that are harmful to achieving your objectives.

    Conclude by stating the key reasons for preparing your marketing strategy document.

  • Business Objectives

    State the achievements made to date, including any ground breaking accomplishments that have enabled the business to progress.

    Describe the desired performance of the business. The planned objectives will detail the targets you want to achieve in order to reach the desired performance.

    For each strategy, Describe the targets you are setting out to achieve. Include how you intend to measure the results so that you know you have achieved these targets.

The main points to include are:
  • purpose,
  • activities of the business,
  • reason for preparing a marketing strategy,
  • business objectives,
  • achievements to date,
  • planned objectives.

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