Customer Analysis
How to Identify and Attract Your Customer and Your Target Markets...

The customer should be at the centre of all your activities. Your marketing strategies should therefore determine how to identify and attract the right customers.

Here is what the Customer Analysis section should outline:

  • Target Markets

    List each target market, and describe it in detail. The attributes to describe are:

    • Demographics of the customer:
      • age range,
      • locality,
      • disposable income,
      • education,
      • relationship
    • Customer relationships:
      • Peer to peer.
      • Business to Customer.
      • Business to Business.
      • Consultant.
      • Partner.
  • Customer Qualities

    Describe your ideal customer, your typical customer and the derived quality issues.

    • Ideal Customer:
      • Ideal relationships.
      • Desirable quality attributes.
    • Typical customer:
      • Current relationships.
      • Typical quality attributes.

    As it will be the quality of your customer that determines any success in your marketing, the derived quality issues will be used to determine the key performance indicators.

The main points to include are:
  • target markets,
  • demographics,
  • customer relationships,
  • customer qualities,
  • ideal customer,
  • typical customer,
  • derived quality issues.

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