Know Your Passion
Find out how to build your business around what you are really passionate about…

There will be aspects of your business that seem difficult and other aspects that come naturally to you. By discovering what you really enjoy doing and building on this to nurture your passion, not only will you find business life easier, but you can use this to define your uniqueness.

The enjoyable aspects of your business will be the part of the business that gives you true satisfaction when it is done well. It will not be so surprising then, that this area of your business will be the most valued by your customers.

It may seem a little unusual, but may I ask you to sit back, relax and step out of the hustle and bustle of your everyday business life for a moment. Now take a look at the big picture of your business and think about the aspects of your business you do well.

Consider the questions below and use them to discover your passion. Once you know your passion, you can use this to differentiate your business from your competition.

  1. What parts of your business do you enjoy and what comes naturally to you?
  2. What gives you great satisfaction when it is done well?
  3. How can you highlight this aspect of your business?
  4. What is the process you have developed to make your product or service so special?
  5. How does this process benefit the customer?
  6. Does this generate true value for the customer?
  7. How can you make this unique in your industry?

You may already have a successful business and offer great products and services, but not know why. If you haven’t discovered your passion, you may be working very hard pushing your business in a direction away from the areas you enjoy most.

Instead, by knowing your passion, you can build on what comes naturally to you. Business life will get easier and your products and services will grow to become unique in your industry and highly valued by your customers.

The reason why most websites fail is because there is no passion behind their marketing messages. With no passion, websites have no focus, lack clarity and offer no compelling reason to stay.

The sooner you discover your passion, the sooner you can define your marketing strategies around what comes naturally to you. With your unique combination of your passion and your motives you will differentiate yourself from your competition, stand high above the crowd and attract more business.