Landing Pages
Why Landing Pages are so Important…

What are Landing pages?

Landing pages are ordinary web pages, but instead of being referenced somewhere within your website from a menu item or related link, it is either completely separate from your website and referenced from an external website or directory, or intentionally referenced from within the site to track a specific action.

Where can you use them?

  1. Use them to measure the success of your marketing campaigns You will only know if a marketing campaign for a specific offer, product or service is a success if you measure it.

    When you use internet directories and search engines to advertise, instead of just providing a link to your homepage, you can use a specific URL that points to a special landing page that matches the offer you are promoting.

    You can then use the AWstats report to tell you how many visitors you have had to that page. Because that particular landing page is only accessible from the chosen directory or search engine, you’ll know exactly how successful the advert was.

  2. Use them to increase the number of leads generated from your site.

    If your landing page is focused only on the offer, highlights all the right benefits for the targeted customer type and has a specific call to action, then the visitor is far more likely to respond compared to initially landing on your homepage that is full of distractions.

  3. Use them to track behaviour

    If you have a lot of visitors to your site, then it would be useful to know which links on the most popular pages are being used, and what images or icons are attracting clicks.

  4. AWstats only tells you the number of visitors to a page and does not tell you how they got there. Without using web analytics tool that is designed to track behaviour, it is only possible to determine how a visitor got there by setting up tagged doorway to that page.

    Behind each image you can add a specific landing page so that the number of visitors to that that page tells you how many visitors could only have taken that route.

    Depending on the functionality you require, these landing pages can provide additional information for the visitor, or turned into simple redirects that point to the intended internal page and never get seen by the visitor.

How to make an effective landing page…

Check for clarity:
  • Setup unique web addresses for each landing page
  • Include only one thing - an offer, product or service
  • Ask for information – just their name and email will do
Provide overwhelming proof to give you credibility:
  • Include real testimonials that outlines how someone else benefited from the offer, product or service
  • Include photographs to provide visual proof
Have a consistent structure:
  • Keep a consistent theme with all your landing pages
  • Use benefit headlines to attract the visitor
  • Keep their focus on the call to action. Put this right at the top where you would normally put the summary.
  • Thank them where you would normally have the call to action
Control the navigation:
  • Focus the navigation on the next step or call to action. Make links to other pages less important. If you can, remove any unnecessary links to other pages on your website.
Combined with AWstats, landing pages provide simple ways to measure the success of your website. What’s more, by using your direct response writing skills, you can turn your website into a serious lead generation tool.

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