Information Based Websites
Build a successful online lead generation tool by captivating your prospects with a scalable online information based website.

Netflare uses the powerful Drupal CMS for larger websites. This is one of the most modern open source content management systems available. Netflare recommends Drupal for larger websites because it manages the content structure in a fluid and dynamic way rather than static pages found on traditional content managed systems.

The Drupal CMS supports knowledge management principles to allow you to use your website as a scalable information resource where you can easily define and change categories and content structure to help your visitors find the information they are looking for.

With Drupal, you have the ability to create abstract content types and use styling rules to place them anywhere on the page. This means the focus is on building and defining the information within the content and not simply the layout, as this may change.

Drupal also has powerful community based modules to enable multi-user access to manage the content. Combined with the workflow module, you can define privileges for users to manage access levels and create workflow actions to control how and when the content is published.

Netflare encourage clients to follow the Jumpsite Marketing Programmes in order understand the marketing principles of customer analysis, direct response copy, and information architecture to take full advantage of Drupal.

With the Netflare Bespoke Solution, the Jumpsite marketing principles are already integrated into the Drupal CMS. This means you can implement Jumpsite Information Architecture and integrate eNewsletters right from the start.


Custom Drupal CMS: £4500.00

Netflare Technical Support: £125 per month (hosting + 4 credit maintenance plan)


Optional £180 per month Jumpsite Marketing Programme

Optional £100 per month Professional Web Analytics

Custom Drupal CMS optimised for Jumpsite Marketing : £4500.00

Netflare Technical Support: £125 per month (hosting + 4 credit maintenance plan)

Powerful Drupal CMS. Full daily backup. Customer analysis

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