Searchflare SEO
Here’s how Netflare’s new Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) Programme promises to make your website a powerful lead generation tool and improve your conversion rate…

If you’re looking to drive traffic to your website and generate business leads, you need to be certain your website can be found by all the major search engines. By being smart with your content and how others link to your website, you can be found naturally without the use of sponsored links. If you currently use Google adwords or Yahoo! & Overture, you’ll understand how expensive the upkeep of sponsored links can be.

Searchflare SEO is the combination of all Netflare’s expertise rolled into a single package that guarantees results. With Searchflare SEO, you’ll be building solid foundations for all your web based marketing strategies.

As your e-business partner, Netflare will maintain your SEO programme to achieve higher search engine rankings. By targeting your marketing strategies and performing keyword research for your chosen market, your website will become an effective and efficient lead generation tool.

But being found on the search engines is only half the battle, your conversion rate is what really counts in getting business from your website. Working with Netflare, you’ll get the SEO skills combined with direct response marketing to make sure the message remains strong and your visitors know how to take the next step to become customers.

What you’ll get is a repeating quarterly SEO programme structured as below:

Month 1: Diagnostics and Review

In month 1, you’ll get a Diagnostic Report based on a thorough analysis of your business that finds what your most desirable customers would type into the search engines to find your business. After all, its one thing to be found in the search engines, but it’s another to be found by the key-phrases that actually matter.

You’ll also get a Search Engine Audit that analyses your current Google Pagerank, page index level, inbound links and search engine relevancy.

The conclusions of this report will recommend a search engine strategy by researching your existing marketing channels, your customers and the keywords they use, and perform a competition analysis to determine your relevancy to these keywords and which websites are currently ranked higher and why.

As your SEO programme progresses, your performance can then be tracked with a powerful web-stats package that generates reports on the number of unique visitors, individual page visits, visit duration and other important factors.

Month 2: Implementation

On month 2, your link building campaign will be enhanced to create inbound links using smart keywords to improve your link popularity. Your automated links page will be reviewed and developed together with a reciprocal links campaign.

You’ll get your webpage code and page content reviewed and modified as required to ensure essential optimisation, such as investigating keyword density, as well as keeping the marketing message in tact. With Netflare, the current available search engine robot standards will be adhered to and made best use of to ensure your code remains search engine friendly. Any new marketing copy will be reviewed and modified to ensure maximum SEO.

For businesses where locality is important, your website will also be enhanced to integrate your location. When prospects use location based searches, you will be safe knowing your website has been tuned to highlight your location.

Month 3: Submission and Verification

On month 3, your site will be parsed to create an XML sitemap and submitted to Google using Google Sitemap technology. Your site will also be submitted to the major search engines and free directories to ensure your listings remain up to date. As the best directories available for your business arena will be subscription based, you may choose to subscribe to the selected directories according to your budget.

Your site will also undergo W3C compliance checks and accessibility reviews for code verification and recommend necessary changes to improved the technical aspects of your website.

For each quarter, Netflare will constantly build on the successes of the previous efforts. Reports will be generated to recommend improvements where necessary and measurements will be taken to ensure the SEO programme remains on track.

Keyword Research, Recommendation Report, Strategy Document: £1000

Ongoing 12 month SEO programme: £80 per month

If you’re looking to promote your business effectively onto the internet arena then you need a professional e-business partner to help improve your visibility on the search engines.

John Morley, Shelford Design Ltd. (

“We have worked with Netflare for over 12 months now. They redesigned our old site, added secure ecommerce capability, news, and more importantly, improved our visibility to such an extent that we now have a pagerank of 5 and have more than doubled the unique visitors, and average over 5000 visitors per month. Compared to this time last year, our business has increased by over 80% and our markets are opening to larger customers with larger orders. We look forward to working with Netflare to tailor our marketing strategies to maximise on these new markets.”

Ellen Carvey (

“It’s great to know that we’re finally found on the first page of Google when you search for ‘trees’. We joined Jumpsite in February, and have gone through the whole programme. It’s hard work, but definitely worth it. I now understand the basic concepts of how to build content for our website and write it in a way that the search engines find relevant.”

Find out for yourself how you can maximise your business potential by taking advantage of Netflare’s Account Management. Call 0800 107 4662 and ask to speak to an advisor.