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About Pin Plus

Pin Plus announce a revolutionary new protected ID verification system (patent pending). It will tackle many of the problems currently being suffered by the transaction processing industry.

This new technology is a single solution to cardholder not present (“CNP”), on-line and cardholder present fraud which seriously ‘raises the bar’ for fraudsters.

As the GrIDsure technology uses layered architecture, no additional hardware is required. This means it can run in tandem or replace existing PIN systems used by ATM or Chip and Pin machines with only nominal extra cost.

Using Pin Plus technology, a new ‘PIN’ code is dynamically created for every transaction, without extra hardware. The Pin Plus System can be used to tackle fraud connected to CNP financial transaction and address many of the inherent weaknesses in the Card Present transaction environment.

This ‘one-time’ PIN makes the system more resilient against ‘spy-ware’, which hackers use to obtain passwords or codes typed into computers.

In addition to increasing security when purchasing on the web, telephone or over-the-counter, GrIDsure makes life far simpler for all card users as they no longer have to remember numbers.


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