Credit Based Maintenance
How Your Credit Based Maintenance Plan Works…

With your Credit Based Maintenance agreement, you’ll know that the fee structure is fair because unused credits carry forward to the next month. Below is an overview of how Netflare credit based maintenance works, what maintenance options are available, and how it is measured.

Netflare Credits

Netflare use a credit system to determine how to charge the client for provision of services. Typically, a client will agree on a monthly management fee that buys a given number of credits. These bought credits will be added to their existing bank of credits and be used to offset any credits used from the previous month.

To give you an idea of typical agreements, most starter websites operate on a monthly 3 credit agreement, whereas larger clients operate monthly 15+ credit agreements.

There are three types of credits, Maintenance Credits, Service Credits, and Marketing Credits.

  • Maintenance Credits are units of development resource that can be allocated to perform any task within a reasonable time frame. One maintenance credit roughly equates to 15 minutes of developer time.
  • Service credits can be used against a service, such as hosting, backup, managed email etc.
  • Marketing credits are units of marketing consultancy that can be allocated to perform any tasks within a reasonable time frame. One marketing credit roughly equates to 30 minutes of consultancy.

Know what credits are available

Service Credits:

  • Basic Hosting: Allocation 1 credit

    Required for all Netflare websites

    1. 1GByte of server space allocations
    2. 5GBytes of monthly data bandwidth
    3. Domain renewal check
    4. Managed backup (daily differential backups to backup servers)
    5. Basic email support
    6. Maintenance task management check
    7. AWStats website log file analyser
  • Managed Hosting: Allocation 1 credit

    Optional in addition to Basic Hosting

    1. Website availability check (Rackwatch Platinum support)
    2. Website bad/broken link check
    3. Missing image check
    4. Form functionality check
  • Managed email: Allocation 0.25 credit per mailbox

    Optional in addition to Basic Hosting

    1. managed email support
    2. comprehensive webmail service
    3. collaboration tools
  • Online Off-site Backup: Allocation 1 credit per PC

    Optional in addition to Basic Hosting

    1. unlimited automated backup provision
    2. data recovery facility
  • Account Management site visit: Allocation 3 credits

    Your account manager will visit to discuss the following

    1. Website statistics
    2. Search Engine Optimisation
    3. Landing page analysis
    4. Website popularity review
    5. Completed maintenance tasks
    6. Outstanding maintenance tasks
    7. New maintenance tasks
    8. Improvements and planning review
    9. Marketing analysis and planning
    10. Technology and the future

Maintenance Credits

  • Unit of development work (approx 15 mins):Allocation 1 credit

    Monthly fixes, alterations or additions to your website

    • Credits charged is determined by the time taken by the development team, logged using our online project management system, and is rounded to the nearest 15 minutes.
  • Searchflare support: Allocation 4 credits

    Required for Searchflare SEO

    1. Quarterly analysis report
    2. On-page optimisation and implementation
    3. Off-page optimisation and implementation

Marketing Credits

  • Marketing Consultancy: Allocation 1 credit

    Analysis and advice

    • Credits charged is determined by the time taken by the Consultant, logged using our online project management system, and is rounded to the nearest 30 minutes.

How to keep track of your available credits

A credit statement will be sent to you each month to indicate your current credit balance, and credit usage for the previous month.

For clients with high credit usage, you may request access to the Netflare Project Management System where you can review all logged tickets and tasks, and see the associated time allocated to each entry.

Find out where your credits are going

You can review your tickets by requesting a username and password to gain access to the Netflare Project Management System. You will be provided with sufficient privileges to view your projects and the associated tickets and tasks.

If you would like to know more about this service, please call your account manager.

All monthly agreements use a credit based fee structure.

Fees: 1 Credit = £25.00 + VAT

All Monthly fees are payable in advance.

Find out more about Netflare’s credit based maintenance agreements by asking your account manager. Alternatively, call 0800 107 4662 and ask to speak to an advisor.