Customer Scenario Analysis
How to Know what Information Your Prospects and Customers Want to Read...

Performing a customer scenario analysis will help you understand your customer's needs / questions and allow you to identify the key benefits that your services or products provide for a customer. This, in turn, allows you to develop a website response that addresses each customer need / question.

This analysis is performed by considering individual customer types with a specific quality issue and identifying relevant scenarios that describe their situation.

These scenarios are then used to identify questions. From this, you can plan specific website reponses for each question. These responses may be represented as either website copy or for a case study.

By understanding your customers’ needs more fully and incorporating a repsonse to this understanding into your website, you can build confidence in the customer that, with you, they will get a higher level of service or better product than from anywhere else.

How to Carry out Customer Scenario Analysis

Use the columns in the table below to outline individual customer scenarios and possible website responses.

CustomerQuality IssueScenarioQuestions Response
 Case studyCopy
  • Customer

    Indicate your customer type eg Joe Public - limited technical knowledge

  • Quality Issue

    Pick up on quality issues identifed as part of the Customer Relationship Analysis and link these into particular customer types.

  • Scenario

    Describe possible scenarios for a given customer type

    e.g. afraid to use credit card on the internet

  • Questions

    Indicate posssible questions the customer may have for a given scenario.There are five key question types a customer is likely to ask…

    1. Can you solve my problem?
    2. Will it work for me?
    3. What’s in it for me?
    4. Why choose you?
    5. What’s next?

    Use these question types as a starting point and make them specific to your customer scenario e.g. How safe is it to buy goods over the internet?

  • Case Study / Copy Response

    Identify specific benefits which address these questions and corresponding copy or case study headlines.

By performing a comprehensive customer scenario analysis, you’ll be able to develop a resource of response articles and marketing material for each of your marketing channels to be used over and over again.

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