Software Design
If you’re looking for a special or unusual feature for your website or online application, just ask…

With Netflare, you’ll get the thorough design, development and implementation you should expect from a quality software engineering workshop. Netflare will bring you the technology you are looking for, and design a solution that meets both your requirements and your budget.

Netflare uses UML (Uniform Modelling Language) to specify your design requirements. This is the industry standard method for modelling application structure, behaviour and architecture, business process and data structure. By using UML, you are assured that your design will follow a methodology with proven results. All stages will be thoroughly documented and allow re-use of object oriented software design.

The concepts of client-server technology using web protocols and the latest methods such as AJAX, enable powerful web applications that were previous only available as PC based applications. Netflare are constantly researching the latest trends in web technology and have no fear in using experimental technology in live solutions with bold clients.

Netflare are happy to collaborate with other software development organisations to achieve either joint ventures or contractor type roles. To manage joint projects, our online project management system has proved itself in many projects with external organisations. Tasks can be assigned to developers that are assigned to the project. Combined with the helpdesk ticketing system, snags can be reported to the project manager who can then assign specific problems to the appropriate development team or individual to resolve and close.


Software design is charged at £80 per hour

If you are interested in finding out more information about our software design capability, you can call Netflare today to talk to your dedicated account manager.

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