Business Starter Basic Website
Professional Web Design that includes Marketing Analysis and a choice of Graphic Design Layouts…

Web design is not just about what your website looks like, its about making it work along side your existing marketing strategies. The Business Starter Basic Package gives you the professional web design that does just that…

Your Netflare Account Manager will work with you to produce the marketing analysis document. This begins with investigation of your existing marketing channels and categorises them as visibility based marketing or promotion based marketing. Depending on your brand strength and your budget, this analysis will highlight the marketing channels that work best and how to improve on the best candidates.

The analysis document also includes a customer analysis. This involves determining your customer types and their respective sizes. For each customer type, you empathise with that customer and ask the questions they would ask and think what information they expect to be given in order to overcome their natural scepticism of your claims.

Using this document, you can prepare your best responses to these customer questions. These responses can either be case studies of past customer experiences, or powerful direct response copy that persuades your prospect to take some form of action.

Your best responses can then be assembled and converted into your website. With the right visibility, you can use your website to generate leads from the type of customer you are looking for.

It is true that with a good graphic designer your website will look very attractive and may even dance with the latest technology. But the consequences of not preparing your content for your website to be customer centred is that it will not persuade your best customer types to call you, complete the enquiry form or place any orders.

The Netflare Business Starter Basic Package includes the iJoomla Layout component. That means that you can control the look and feel, layout and navigation to give you a professional and functional website.

Netflare encourage clients to follow the Jumpsite Marketing Programmes in order understand the marketing principles of customer analysis, direct response copy, and information architecture to take full advantage of internet marketing.


Marketing Analysis, Copy Writing, Graphic Design + integration, Drupal CMS: £1500.00

Netflare Technical Support: £75 per month (hosting + 2 credit maintenance plan)


Optional £180 per month Jumpsite Marketing Programme

Optional £100 per month Professional Web Analytics

Marketing Analysis, Copy Writing, Graphic Design + integration, Drupal CMS: £1500.00

Netflare Technical Support: £75 per month (hosting + 2 credit maintenance plan)

Drupal CMS. Full daily backup. Marketing Analysis. Copy Writing Assistance. Choice of Drupal themes.

If you know exactly what you want, but are struggling to formulate a workable plan, why not call Netflare to help? For a free design consultation call 0800 107 4662 NOW and ask for your local agent.